Considering the comparison of the primary

Considering the comparison of the primary volume to the volume after the operation, the findings of the present study revealed no significant difference between the volume increase in Group A (control)

and Group B (coloplasty) (A: 20.98 vs. B: 21.75; P=0.999). Therefore, one can conclude that coloplasty SKI-606 mw operation has no superiority over coloanal anastomosis, which is a simple operation, and, consequently, it causes no more significant increase in the place of the rectum. In Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical Group C (J-pouch), however, a highly significant volume increase was observed compared to the control group (A: 20.98 vs. C: 118.27; P=0.029). The volume increase in Group C (J-pouch) was also significantly different from that of Group B (the coloplasty group) (P=0.030). Comparison of the pathology slides showed healing at the place of the anastomosis in all the three groups. However, the amount of inflammation in Group Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical C (in the place of the pouch) was more in comparison to the place of the neorectum in the other two groups. Furthermore, coloplasty can be used as an appropriate treatment

option since it is not accompanied by early dysfunction, which occurs after straight coloanal anastomosis, and long-term problems as well as the problems Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical related to pouch evacuation, which occur after performing the colon J-pouch. Moreover, in comparison to colon J-pouch, the chance of clinical or radiological leakage is higher in coloplasty. Therefore, the blood flow is lower at the place of the proximal anastomosis and, particularly, the anterior area in the place distal to the performance of coloplasty.7,8 In 1996 on Flüe et al.8 conducted a study and used the cecum

reservoir as the neorectum by maintaining the neurovascular part of Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical the cecum and ileum. They came to the conclusion that this method Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical of operation was safe and practical and that it provided acceptable physiological results up to 6 months after the operation.  In a study, the chance of leakage and stricture in the CP operation was shown as 7% and 14%, respectively.9 In the first year after CP and colon J-pouch operations, stool fragmentation may occur, which causes the patients to defecate in 15-minute intervals. Of course, the patients may take this situation for the increase in the number of defecations by mistake.10 Mantyh11 conducted a study and revealed that the functional results were similar in both the until CP group and the colon J-group. Nowadays, after removing the rectum, colon J-pouch operation is known as the best way for connecting the colon to the anus.7 In comparison to straight coloanal anastomosis or CP, colon J-pouch has less chance of leakage. This is due to the better blood flow in the direction of the proximal anastomosis, which is shown through the laser Doppler technique.12 Colon J-pouch can increase the volume of the rectum, especially when the pouch is long; nonetheless, the increase in the length of the pouch can decrease the motility.

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