Although there is much suggestive evidence that EBV is involved i

Although there is much suggestive evidence that EBV is involved in the pathogenesis of MS, the precise effect of EBV is still unclear.

Recent findings

EBV is more common in MS patients than in controls. A history of infectious mononucleosis, and high baseline EBV antibody titers are risk factors for MS. More controversial are findings of changes in the reactivity of the T-cell repertoire, presence of EBV antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid, and presence of EBV in meningeal lymphoid

follicles and perivenular infiltrates in the white matter.


The contribution of EBV to the cause of MS is not yet established, but a relationship is clearly present.”
“AimThe aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of local injection of vasopressin on blood loss

check details and secondary impact on complications during cesarean section in patients with placenta previa.

Material and MethodsWe retrospectively reviewed the medical records of all patients diagnosed with placenta previa admitted to our hospital. Two consecutive periods were compared. During period B, 59 patients underwent the local injection of a vasopressin solution (4U in 20mL of saline) into the placental implantation site after placental delivery. During period A, 50 patients underwent cesarean section without vasopressin injection, and were analyzed as a control group. The estimated blood loss was recorded, as were the complications during surgery. In addition, the expression of the vasopressin V1 receptor in uterine smooth muscle was evaluated by immunohistochemistry.

ResultsThe selleck products mean estimated blood loss was significantly lower in the vasopressin group than in the control group. There were no statistically significant

differences with surgical complications. The vasopressin V1 receptor was highly expressed in smooth muscle cells in the lower segment of the uterine body, whereas Fedratinib cost the immunoreactivity for the oxytocin receptor was faint in the lower segment.

ConclusionThe local injection of vasopressin into the placental implantation site significantly reduced the blood loss without increasing the morbidity.”
“Objective: We sought to identify the role of acculturation in the life satisfaction of Hispanic cancer survivors.

Methods: We compared life satisfaction among the high- vs low-acculturated Hispanics who participated in a national, cross-sectional study of quality of life among cancer survivors.

Results: Despite fewer socio-economic resources, low-acculturated Hispanic survivors had higher life satisfaction (Beta = 5.08, p<0.05). This relationship was mediated by higher levels of social support and spirituality found among low-acculturated survivors, with spirituality being the strongest predictor (Beta = 0.379, p<0.001).

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