UNN-specialist: I think we should take part from the beginning (

UNN-specialist: I think we should take part from the beginning. (…) It is very important for us to get the same report as LYB when the patient arrives. It is invaluable. UNN-specialist: In this scenario, I felt the patient was presented to us too late. It would be better

if we could watch when the patient arrived. C: Team work LYB-doctor: As if they were somewhere in the room, as if they talked across the table. LYB-nurse: I think we can work Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical quicker and more effectively in this way. LYB-doctor: They are also a part of the team, because when they have been with the patient for a while, they will also follow the parameters just like us and see development. LYB-nurse: We only need to learn how to work during VC, then I don’t think there are drawbacks at all.

D: Interruptive communication UNN-specialist: We Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical agreed with them that we should mute our microphone while they did examinations. UNN-specialist: I think it is very important that we take part from the very beginning, but that we keep silent and not interrupt before the initial work has been done. LYB-nurse: They (UNN-specialists) need to learn to watch without talking. UNN-specialist: It was almost like being there. And that makes us maybe too eager. (…) We should have muted our microphone more often. LYB-doctor: I believe in a quite, uninterrupted, initial examination of the Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical patient. UNN = University Hospital of North Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical Norway. LYB = Longyearbyen Rural Hospital. VC = Video Conferencing. Appendix 2: http://www.selleckchem.com/products/ABT-888.html Importance of visual input. Excerpts from interviews A: Observation of teams and team work LYB-nurse: I don’t think we need the image from UNN (…) it is for them it should be of value, and then we benefit from it. LYB-nurse: It is the direct communication that is important, just like a loudspeaker (…) but then we would have to describe things in much more detail. LYB-doctor: I think the quality during VC is better, because they are more involved in what we do. UNN-specialist: I believe we

get more useful information Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical with VC. (…) to see what they do (…) and how. LYB-doctor: (With telephones,) sharing information Drug_discovery becomes worse, that is almost obvious. One person has to communicate everything. There are limitations with that, and specialists don’t get the total overview as they do when they see and observe themselves. UNN-specialist: It is about complexity. If it is simple and easy to get an overview, I think telephone is just as good. If it is complex and critical and the order of your decisions matters, then decisions made when seeing would absolutely be different. B: Observation of patient and vital signs UNN-specialist: The combination of seeing vital data, following it live, feeling that you take part in development, this site taking part in time and place, it means a lot. (…) You get a more complete overview, which I believe affects decisions. UNN-specialist: To see the pupils of a patient is of great value to me.

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